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The modern design of the S-Class has always been by tradition, since the 1930s, an expression of luxury and automotive distinction.

It is a berlina where you can feel all the classic elegance, power and luxury of Mercedes-Benz. Their unparalleled systems ensure the highest level of comfort and safety.

Throughout its history, the S class has always been ahead of its time with innovations such as zones of controlled deformation or the introduction of the first airbags and belt pretensioners. Even today it continues establishing new safety guidelines with systems designed to optimize the level of protection of all occupants and minimize the effects of a possible collision.

The atmosphere, in the generous cabin, is ideal to feel comfortable (like at home) creating a very welcoming environment of well-being. Working or relaxing, everything is possible in the rear seats of the S-Class, becoming its cabin in an office on wheels.

Some of the characteristics of our vehicles:

  • The panoramic roof with its large glass surfaces ensures a particularly bright and pleasant atmosphere inside.
  • The electric blinds for the rear window and the rear doors can be extended and collected to provide protection from prying eyes and direct solar radiation, keeping the visibility almost completely outwards.
  • Ambient lighting creates a unique environment of well-being in the whole cabin with its indirect and pleasant light.
  • The electrical settings of both the front passenger seat and the rear seats will increase the comfort of your trip, giving you a clearly wider foot space and a more comfortable rest position.
  • The on-board entertainment system in the rear seats has two separate screens so you can enjoy your favorite TV show or a DVD movie, and also listen to your music with your headphones.
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